International School on Rewriting

LORIA, Nancy, France
July 3-7, 2006

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Rewriting is a fundamental concept and tool in computer science, logic and mathematics. It models the notion of transition or elementary transformation of abstract entities as well as common data structures like terms, strings, graphs. Rewriting is central in computation as well as deduction and is a crucial concept in semantics of programming languages as well as in proof theory. This results from a long tradition of cross-fertilization with the lambda-calculus and automated reasoning research communities.

This first International School on Rewriting is organized for Master and PhD students, researchers and practitioners interested in the study of rewriting concepts and application.

This school is supported by the IFIP Working Group on Term Rewriting. The lectures will be given by some of the best experts on rewriting (termination, higher-order systems, strategies, ...) and applications (security, theorem proving, program analysis and proofs, ...).

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Lecturers and topics
Below is the list of topics studied during ISR'2006. The detailed program is available here:


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E-mail contact: isr2006 [at] loria * fr


The school will take place at LORIA, in Nancy (France). It is easily accessible by train from Paris, Frankfurt, Strasbourg and Luxembourg which have well connected international airports.

See also the Venue information.


For registration, please download, fill, and fax the following form to the number indicated in it.

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Note that the deadline for early registration is: May 31, 2006 (too late!).
The deadline for normal registration is: June 23, 2006.


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