Second International Workshop on Rewriting Logic and its Applications
Pont-a-Mousson, France
September 1-4, 1998



Monday August 31
18h-22h Welcome 
20h-22h Buffet
Tuesday September 1st
Session 1 -- Invited talk
9-10 David Basin Structured Metatheory and Inductive Definitions
10-10.30 Break
Session 2
10.30-11 Manuel Clavel, Francisco Duran, Steven Eker, Patrick Lincoln, N.Martí-Oliet and Jose Meseguer Metalevel Computation in Maude
11-11.30 Eelco Visser and Zine-el-Abidine Benaissa A Core Language for Rewriting
11.30-12 Steven Eker Term rewriting with operator evaluation strategy
12-14 Lunch
Session 3 -- PhD presentation
14-15 Peter Borovansky Controlling Rewriting : study and implementation of a formalism of strategies
15-15.30 Break
Session 4 -- Presentation and Demonstration of  CafeOBJ
15.30-17.30 Kokichi Futatsugi and Razvan Diaconescu An overview of CafeOBJ
Session 5
17.30-18 Jean-Pierre Jouannaud Membership Equational Logic, Calculus of Inductive Constructions, and Rewrite Logic
18-18.30 Roberto Bruni, Jose Meseguer and Ugo Montanari Internal Strategies in a Rewriting Implementation of Tile Systems
18.30-19 Michihiro Matsumoto and Kokichi Futatsugi Test Set Coinduction - Toward Automated Verification of Behavioural Properties
19-21 Dinner
Wednesday September 2
Session 6 -- Invited talk 
9-10  Paul Klint Term Rewriting for Sale
10-10.30 Break
Session 7
10.30-11 Marco Schorlemmer Rewriting Logic as a Logic of Special Relations
11-11.30 Francisco Duran and Jose Meseguer An Extensible Module Algebra For Maude
11.30-12 Peter Borovansky, Salma Jamoussi, Pierre-Etienne Moreau and Christophe Ringeissen Handling ELAN Rewrite Programs via an Exchange Format
12-14 Lunch
Session 8 -- PhD presentation
14-15 Roberto Bruni A Logic for Modular Descriptions of Asynchronous and Synchronized Concurrent Systems
15-15.30 Break
Session 9 -- Presentation and Demonstration of Maude
15.30-17.30 M.Clavel, F.Duran, S.Eker, P.Lincoln, N.Martí-Oliet, J.Meseguer and J.Quesada  Maude as a Metalanguage
18-23 Visit of Nancy and dinner 
Thursday September 3
Session 10 -- Invited talk
9-10 Fausto Giunchiglia The OMRS project: state of the art and future developments
10-10.30 Break
Session 11
10.30-11 Geogia Cabaretta and Pierpaolo Degano and Fabio Gadducci  CCS semantics via Proved Transition Systems and Rewriting Logic
11-11.30 Grit Denker From Rewrite Theories to Temporal Logic Theories: A Distributed Temporal Logic Extension of Rewriting Logic
11.30-12 L. J. Steggles and P. Kosiuczenko A Timed Rewriting Logic Semantics for SDL: A Case Study of the Alternating Bit Protocol
12-14 Lunch
Session 12 -- PhD presentation
14-15 Manuel Clavel Reflection in General Logics and in Rewriting Logic with Applications to the Maude Language
15-15.30 Break
Session 13 -- Presentation and Demonstration of ELAN
15.30-17.30 P.Borovansky, C.Kirchner, H.Kirchner, P-E.Moreau, C.Ringeissen An Overview of ELAN
Session 14
17.30-18 José Meseguer and Carolyn Talcott Mapping the Open Mechanized Reasoning Systems (OMRS) Framework to Reflective Rewriting Logic
18-18.30 Patrick Viry Adventures in sequent calculus modulo equations
18.30-19 Peter Borovansky and Carlos Castro Cooperation of Constraint Solvers: Using the New Process Control Facilities of Elan
19-21 Dinner
21-22 Discussion
Friday September 4
Session 15 -- Invited talk
9-10 Peter Mosses Semantics, Modularity, and Rewriting Logic
10-10.30 Break
Session 16 -- PhD presentation
10.30-11.30 Ulriche Lechner Object-oriented Specification of Distributed Systems - An Approach Based on Rewriting Logic
11.30-12 Conclusion of the workshop
12-14 Lunch and departure